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Our Know-How

Selectric s.r.l.
Knowledge of technological systems.

Noidea studio
Experience in photography.

Our target
– Better image output compared to scanners.
– Easy to install. It can be installed on tight polishing lines.

Selectric was founded in 1989,
with the aim to produce electrical equipment
intended to make construction sites safer.

Since then the company’s rising success has been largely due to our products’ reliability
and strict adherence to current national safety standards.

Products and company’s managerial system certificated quality are the evidence of reached success.

Electrical production,
where ASC electrical panels for construction site, electrical panels, cable winders,
fluorescent lamps, halogen lamps are assembled.

Mechanical production
where metallic components as support stands for construction site
electrical panels and for lamps are produced.

Company’s managerial quality system’s certification, performed more
prestigious by IMQ certification after the system CSQ is the evidence of the
organisation know-how of our society based on professionalism and experience.

The controlled company’s managerial system are the warrantee of reliability
for customers, suppliers and collaborators.

The production, following strict procedures, controlled piece by piece
the warrantee of a reliable product.


Selectric product is created by giving priority to the users’ requirements
operating in the construction branch.
Respecting their advices and the extreme conditions where they often
operate, a new idea is originated.

This is the secret of the maximum reliability of each our product during time.

NoIdea photo studio was founded in 2006,
located in Massa Carrara – Italy

We are a team of professional photographers focused on :
Commercial photography and video,  Studio portrait,  Photography and post production courses.

Visit NoIdea studio website: www.noidea.it